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"You MUST Succeed. Failure is NOT an Option" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

To success in lifecycle, we must be skilful of fighting against the door keeper of the 80% unconscious mind that keep it dark and inaccessible. 


Daily Function

The instability of the function in the body and mind without doubt cause the inaccurate decision and action which for sure leads to the predictable failure in life cycle.

Human Device

The knowledge and information produced by the limited belief and the unreliable emotions from the subconscious mind cause the incapability of controlling the physical body function. 

Failure To Make The Inaccessible Unconscious Mind Accessible Leads Life Journey In Vain

If You are suffering from some of emotions but not limited with, You are in the risk of potential failure in lifecycle at any moments the triggers turn up unexpected: 

1.  Worry more about Money when getting richer

2. You are not sure who your real friends are

3. You feel being despised or envied by many people

4. Feeling aimlessness with a life without addicted to work

5. You worry more about your children when achieving higher success and wealth

6. You tend to  compare your Stuff with what your peers have

7. You don’t care about the meaning of gifts anymore

8. The more you own properties, the more you lose the sense of “home”

9. You feel even hard to find true love

10. You have the sense of losing the right of those who achieved less than you


  1. Coping with scrutiny by tempting to sex, alcohol, drug, etc. addiction
  2. Feeling miserable
  3. Sad by losing a lot of friends
  4. Intention of escaping from events as a hassle
  5. Feeling paranoid by fame
  6. Being distracted by bad press
  7. Feeling hard to get a date
  8. Feeling difficult to enjoy simple pleasures
  9. Feeling no freedom in your move by worrying being watched
  10. Worrying about everything you do in public will be photographed
  11. Experiencing bullying on a massive scale
  12. Feeling being irritated constantly
  13. Feeling Depressed with Constant Pressure
  14. Feeling be abandoned or betrayed when you're Down
  15. Feeling belongs to everyone else and lost yourself
  16. ...
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