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Have You tried A Variety Of Options On Personal Development, Mind Mastery, Coaching, Healing, NLP, etc, But Still Live With The  Unsolved Issues? 

Are you looking for unshakable transformation on one or more aspects of life listed below and Live Beyond The Limits? 

Dr Angela Wilson has gone through what you are searching for. Your Path To Liberty Is In The Unconsoius Mind

"Dr. Angela Wilson’s ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered.” -Darren.

Do you feel suspicious? Great, then read, watch the free training, try and test with your personal experience!

Dr. Can Take You To The Journey Accessing The Multidimensional Level of Consciousness And Bring The Best Version Of You Back  So You Can Free Yourself From Any  Unwanted And Reach Your Highest Potential That You Never Thought Is Possible.


How to access your full power by using and leveraging your mental strength?


How to accelerate your success by using and leveraging your mental strength?


How to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle you love without worries and fear?

Physical Health

How to keep top health conditions by being lazy without effort on workout?

Emotional Health

How to escape any emotional trap with just a finger snap?

Mental Health

How to kill any mental health issues instead of being killed?


How to maximize the positive outcome through any difficult relationship?

Parent-Child Relationship

How to be inspired and empowered by our creation for the rest of our life journey instead of ...?

Aging and Death

How to free from the fear of aging, death, and after death? 

  • Have you already tried personal development, success mindset, NLP, medical treatment...?
  • Do you wonder why you still don't get the ideal result you want?
  • Have you thought of what is missing?

“The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over and Over Again… And Expecting Different Results”

- Albert Einstein 

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'A smart person learns from his mistakes, but a truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others.' --- Ken Schramm

We are living on the knife edge if we fail to align all energy into one force but allow our mental strength to lead us to the eventual failure.

1. Enormous wealth loss and suicide trapped by Bernard Lawrence Madoff, the confessed operator of the largest Ponzi scheme in world history and the largest financial fraud in U.S. history 2008.

2.The murder and dismemberment Tech CEO and investor Fahim Saleh trapped into at home by his personal assistant, 2020.

3. 76,000 victims suffer due to the death of 30-year-old Gerald Cotten, CEO of Canadian cryptocurrency due to complications, who took about $163 million USD in bitcoin to the grave with him.

4. Accidental death- Bollywood legacy encountered accidental drowning in her bathtub when her husband was in that room, 2018

5. Canadian Billionaire couple Barry Sherman and Honey Sherman were murdered by “Numerous ‘persons of interest’.

6.SteveJobs, the previous Apple CEO, who didn’t want his body to be opened, tried alternative medicine wasted on wrong mind power for “nine months before agreeing to the surgery”

7. PaulAllen, Microsoft co-founder died due to cancer.

8. Dilemma pulled SteveBing Hollywood movie mogul into suicide 2020

9. “not unexpected” suicide of Iconic fashion designer KateSpade.

10 Sexual desire-HIV Freddie Mercury a British singer, songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen.

11. KellyCatlin, Olympic track US Olympian and three-time world track cycling champion, died by suicide at the age of 23. She suffered “the mind never ends spinning spinning spinning and rest." And "the feeling like no longer have a mind."

12. GamblingKing StanleyHo in Macao lost control of his wealth, dignity, health slowly after retirement and encountered a scary death at age 98

Hit The Nail On The Head

The Unconcious Mind controls the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the whole physical body from the cradle to the grave. We have to joint all dots into one whole picture,i.e. bridging the gaps between. 

Making The Function Of Your Multidimensional Minds The 2nd Nature And Guard Your Success Through The Whole Human Experience

No. 1 - Physical Health

  • Imagine: If you can keep top healthy condition without a workout routine, how productive will you be?
  • Have you questioned why so many people who keep strict exercises still carry chronic or/and life-threatening diseases and live in fear of sudden death?
  • What if you can focus on your tasks while your mind eye can monitor your physical health through the Unconscious mind at the backend?

No. 2 - Emotional Health

  • Imagine: You are free from being moody and capable of making any decision on the spot without being trapped by the situation? 
  • Have you thought of the consequence of how the ongoing emotional energy wave destroys the organ function slowly?
  • What if you can dismiss any emotional suffering using your mind's eye like a magic wand?

No. 3 - Mental Health

  • Imagine: You are free from any kinds of unsolved mental health issues and free the mental prison that slaved you for decades, and you can thrive without mental burden anymore?
  • Have you thought of the life quality you will have if you can use your desire and ambition of success to dismiss unwanted mental suffering synchronously?
  • What if you can prevent and kill any mental health issues with your own mental strength? 

No. 4 - Intimacy

  • Imagine: You are free from suffering any intimacy issues connecting with marriage, De Facto, casual dating, blind dating, etc.?
  • Have you thought that you can use your mind eye to identify the potential traps in a new or existing relationship and work together with your partner to get rid of them for an inspiring future? 
  • What if you master how to navigate your sexual energy for the top of your success and enjoy healthy intimacy without the price of worsening your immunity? 

No. 5 - Parent-Child Relationships

  • Imagine: If you can get out of the quagmire situation of intergenerational relationships and thrive without any psychological burden? 
  • Have you thought of a life quality without being trapped into the ongoing toxic family energy but still love everyone into pieces?
  • What if you are capable of loving your children and/or your parents, siblings the way they are no matter without feeling drawn? 

No. 6 - Ageing and Death

  • Imagine: You are free from the fear of aging each day, fear of seeing your close friends, family members die, and you are mentally, physically trained well on how to handle any unexpected..., when leaving the world?
  • Have you thought of what can happen when dying and how to dominate the process and reach the destination you want?
  • What if you have the full mental control of the aging process, dealing with grief, and especially your next journey after having enough here and ready to leave?

No. 7 - Business & Career

  • Imagine: How will your business and career life look without any burden and confusion from the body, mind, and soul? 
  • Have you ever thought of an innovative and creative mind with the power of your unconsciousness?
  • What if you can tap into the unlimited mental power without crash working in a high demanding industry?

No. 8 - Personal Life

  • Imagine: How will your life be if you are free from any hidden unsolved issues since birth?
  • Have you ever thought of how long you can hold on before a mental breakdown and the whole life be destroyed?
  • What if you are capable of dealing with future unexpected life events with ease? 

Living a Wise life  Without Being Blind By Manipulation of Own Unconcious Mind 

You may have tried every method you could find trying to fix things once and for all. It would not work unless we build up a solid grounding foundation inside the human body.

Hi, I'm...

Dr.Angela Wilson,

Mind Power Lady Known as the authority of the largely inaccessible unconscious mind. I teach how to hack the hacked unconscious mind through the whole human body system, the mind matrix, and transmute the energy to solve human problems from the cradle to the grave, achieve liberty beyond the mind prison. I am the  COVID-19 mind matrix specialist, holistic health educator, researcher and case investigator, certified training provider, international speaker, author, and more.

Without taking control of our own unconscious mind, our success will be in vain eventually, and we are just a salve of the matrix. Suffering is a given as the process of how nature monitors our unconscious mind. 


When most of us live in COVID 19 fear, the sense of uncertainty, I had led her hands truly on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find at the age of six. I  am a keynote presenter sharing my discovery at six online World conferences  2021.

  1. Paediatric Conference 2021 Topic: Power Of The Unconscious Mind -Paediatrics & Child Health
  2. Mental health conference Topic: Power Of Unconscious Mind-Kill The Root Causes Of …
  3. 3rd Depression & Neurology Congress - Topic: Power Of The Unconscious Mind-Mental Health Prevention And Instant Recovery
  4. 2nd International conference on Physical Medicine and rehabilitation Topic: The Hidden Connection Between The Unconscious Mind And Holistic Rehabilitation
  5. Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine 2021 Topic: The Hidden Connection Between The Unconscious Mind & Mental Health & Hypnotic rhythm
  6. 3rd international conference-Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Infectious Diseases  Topic: The Connection between the Unconscious Mind & COVID-19 & Virus & Infectious Disease 
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