Most achievers are trapped without awareness pursuing wealth & success & fulfilment with 20% of the mind that is controlled by the 80% unconscious mind for default failure in the life cycle.

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 Dr. Angela Wilson is known as" the authority of the unconscious mind",who can take one to a safe journey in the mind matrix and achiever the unshakable success in life cycle.  She breaks the spell cursed on human experience. 

  • The human suffering does not exist in the unconscious mind if we earn the experience on making this 80% of darkest and inaccessible mind  accessible with the capability of igniting it."  

  • "Any accomplishment using the 20% of the combination of consciousness and emotion that is controlled by the other 80% of mind is a success in vain, a mirage, a trap "

  • "Without the ability to take power back from the reptilian brain, pursuing wealth & success & fulfilment is a default suicide approach that leads to predictable eventual failure in life cycle"                   


“ Dr. Angela Wilson is the one any entrepreneurs and business owners could not afford to miss out if you desire a safe journey. ”

She saves clients from the loss of massive investment, bankruptcy, by identifying traps in the contract and potential betrayal in a business partnership. Clients can make decisions with ease by casual chatting with her before walking into the boardroom, going to the appointment, or simply show the photos of all who are involved in the matter.

Mind Power Lady enhances achievers' confidence to be decisive and never needs to unless they choose to suffer unwanted symptoms as a victim of any undiagnosed suffering like a panic attack that happens at midnight or diagnosed mental illness like depression, PTSD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, addiction, etc. 

Clients just need to call her and she will take clients out of the battle in the mind matrix instantly so they can keep sustainable high performance pursuing wealth & success & fulfilment without being mired to the suicide approach. 

“Her practical application for you as a human being will open you up to broader things that you never thought possible and give you a very solid grounding foundation that is unshakable. ”

Rather than ending up with eventual failure in the life cycle resulted from the accumulated devastating pressure, Dr. Angela Wilson teaches clients how to convert the constant stress with ease and add to their own power. So the reptilian brain is forced to weaken itself and clients can choose when and how much percentage they want to take over the place of the unconscious mind. Then use the power to monitor the device of the body and mind that way they want and need for wealth & success & fulfilment. 

Clients have the option to boost immune to the maximum beyond the limits of human body. 

If it is not worthy anymore to keep it, clients can choose the ability to escape from the disaster by going to the higher dimension and free from the curse on human body that is purposefully taking the power away like current Coronavirus Pandemic

She takes clients through the journey whenever needed 24hrs a day seven days a week without holiday break. 


“What she has to offer is so powerful and so unique, she truly has her hands on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find.”

Dr. Angela Wilson takes over the fight at the multidimensional levels in the mind matrix for clients that are controlled by the reptilian brain, unknown by the most and misunderstood by most professionals who haven’t achieved the unshakable transcendence using the body and mind as a device as The Mind Power Lady does. 

"Dr. Angela Wilson’s ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered.”

Living in the fear of death and the afterlife since birth urged her to make a diligent effort on self-empowerment at the early age of six when her father stated that nobody can change destiny.  

She discovers all qualifications she earned including the psychology of any kind like in wealth & success & health, etc only matters at the 20% of a conscious and subconscious level, which is controlled by the 80% under the control of the reptilian brain. 

It is the doorkeeper of the unconscious mind and the one who makes it darkest and largely inaccessible. This is exactly why most achievers are trapped in eventual failure without awareness. 

 Dr. Angela Wilson achieved her dreamed success and financial freedom in the early thirties and accomplished all levels of hierarchy human a couple of years back.


“ She has an illumination that's just beyond anybody that I have met and I just wanted to tell you that because it's beautiful. Beautiful spirit. ”

She has gone through unbelievable and unexpected battles in the invisible world set up by the reptilian brain that set up traps and triggers anywhere, any moment at multi-dimensions with the disguised mask that tried to lure humans losing the power or kill her. 

She has mentored religious leaders and their disciples, coached spiritual masters and gurus, high achievers in different industries. 

Giving up her intention on lifelong commitment as a nun that isolated with the secular world, Dr. Angela Wilson releases all her skills fighting into the mind matrix to any achievers on demand through practical implementation when they facing life-threatening moment, fear of death, accurate strategy and tactics on reincarnation, or even stop reincarnation and explore the next destination at the higher detentions.

"Angela takes one to places that others can’t. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening.”

With Dr. Angela Wilson, achievers can enjoy the wealth & success & fulfilment without being traps to eventual failure and leave the lifelong accomplishment in vain as many billionaires and celebs had faced, are facing, and will face without the chance to reverse.

Clients don’t need to go through the fight or are scared to give up the desire to fight against destiny, as the Mind Power Lady takes over the fight and holds them up.

Don’t think “it is not possible”. With Dr. Angela Wilson, you just need to ask and her will help you to make the impossible possible. 


'We rise by lifting others.' - Robert Ingersoll

 Dr. Angela Wilson shares her extraordinary discovery as a global speaker, Mind Samurai trainer, consultant, and coach, the author of the self-help book "Path To Liberty”, social entrepreneur, an activist on humanity and peace, and the host of online Mind Power Show.


In a world that collectively values, fortune, power, and success, we indulged in the fantasy of fulfilment, but are cursed by endless suffering and temporary Euphoria .

 We are so powerless and Vulnerable, dealing with the intractable mental blocks in any shape of forms concealed  by success and achievement.

The confusion of wealth, success, prosperity, power and peace keeps us in darkness.

 We wobble through our   whole life journey with fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Even if we escape a bad luck, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, painful death and uncertainty of spiritual transition are waiting for us.

Dr Angela Wilson initiated her fearless adventure at age six,  experimenting on herself and acting as an assistant to her doctoral parents around The powerful and the rich.

Early success gave her an Advantage, focusing on revolutionary discovery.

She has mentored religious leaders and their disciples, coached spiritual masters and gurus.

She counsulted members of the most powerful family in political history.  

She was featured on Motivational speaker Australia, psychologist directory China and Global Media.

Her Brand was introduced to the Hollywood circle at Oscars weekends, 2018.

 She holds the privilege to invite achievers to private dinners with national politicians and decision-makers.

As a mind technician, global speaker, profit coach, wealth and success strategist, entrepreneur, and global peace promoter,

She has achieved an unshakable transcendence – the path of liberty in the mind matrix.

If you want to break the spell and remove curse in the mind,

If you want to stay powerful forever, be ready!

Lifetime Commitment

Dr Angela Wilson lives on her mission helping those who are looking for true fulfilment in through secular lifestyle. 

      • Being a standby assistant for doctoral parents when dealing with home visiting patients
      • Live with doctoral parents in medical world, go night-shift with mother when resided into the residential building inside the city hospital for 20 years
      • Heritage of the 10 generations of herbal medicine family absorbing the knowledge from assisting father, who is the 11th generation
      • 22nd generation of Taoism health prohibition and Rehabilitation Previous master member of I-chin Science earned an award on Property Energy Master
      • PhD. In parapsychology and paranormal science
Qualified in but not limited with:
  • Psychology, Cook, Clinical Hypnotherapy, social worker, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Nutrition, Dietitian, Qi Gong, I-Ching Readings, Soul Regression Therapy, Psychic readings, Past Life Regression Therapy, Transpersonal Art Therapy,
  • Life Coach, Spiritual Knowledge & Philosophy, Parapsychology, Energy/Energetic Healing, Natural Spiritual Healing, Mindfulness Therapy, paranormal investigating…
  • Have gone through many training including Antony Robbin, and other business training from billionaire, wealth coaches, standup comedy, acting and performing, radio broadcasting…
  • DTM award Toastmasters International | Certified Radio presenter | Trained in Acting | Standup Comedy
  • Certified member National Speaker of Australia, previous name of Professional Speaker Australia