Hidden Cost On Cheap Online Staff

online staff Oct 12, 2020

A great deal of if a business will succeed depends on how good the employees are. This is why a lot of companies expend a lot, trying to employ competent workers. It is quite common to see companies paying HR agencies to employ only the best to ensure that the company continuously succeed. Employing a person comes with its business cost, and it is something that some companies didn't mind paying, but things seem to be changing.

With the prevalence of the internet, things seem to be changing with the way that things are currently done. Gone are the days when people employed all their staffers and kept them in a building. Now, it is quite easy to get a freelancer that can work from the comfort of their homes on your online business idea. To a lot of businesses, this outsourcing format is relatively cheap. They do not have to worry about a lot of things. Truth be told, having online workers to carry out your online business idea can come with its perks.

No Worries About Workers' Benefit

Based on how the freelancer works on that your online business idea, the only business cost that comes to you most times is the amount that you pay for the job. You don't have to worry about allowances and benefits because they are not full-time staffers.

No Worries About Being Sued

For many companies, they fear that their staffers can sue them for the flimsiest of excuses. Sometimes, the reasons firms are sued may not be the fault of the firm. Sometimes, it may be. It could be that the employee had an accident while at work. A lot of firms consider this as a business cost that they can avoid when they make use of online workers to carry out their online business ideas. As long as there is not a breach of contract, there is rarely any reason that the company should be sued when they make use of online workers or freelancers.

No Worries About Equipment

Some firms prefer to outsource some aspects of their business in a bid to prevent them from expending money on equipment. Since their freelancers or online workers work from the comforts of their homes, the firm won't have to think of expanding their office space, getting furniture and equipment to work. The online worker or freelancer would make use of his or her equipment. This, to a lot of firms, can be said to be a reduction in business cost.

Fire Whenever You Want

Unless there is a cogent reason, it is very hard to fire a full-time worker. If done wrong, the employee can decide to sue. A lot of businesses fear this, and that's why many opt for online workers or freelancers. This way, they can fire them whenever they want.

Salary Is Usually Cheaper

The salaries that a firm has to pay its online workers are usually cheaper, unlike the one that goes to full-time workers. On the internet, there are those that are ready to carry out your online business ideas for very little, and this seems to reduce the business cost for a lot of businesses.

The Hidden Cost Of Online Workers

We have looked at some of the benefits that companies get when they employ online workers, it is only right that we discuss the hidden costs too. A lot of firms do not consider that there are hidden costs when they opt for online workers to full-time workers because they are concerned solely about visible business costs.

A lot of businesses lose from employing online workers when they can benefit from full-time workers. What are the hidden costs?

Staffers Working Online Lie A Lot

Since you can't look over their shoulders while they work, or even supervise them at the office, online workers can lie and get away with it. An online worker can claim that he or she is working on a task, while he or she may merely be sleeping. Once the deadline is fast approaching, he or she does a haphazard job and submits it.

An online worker can lie that he or she was through with a job, when in fact, the job was a complete pile of trash. These are things that can be avoided if the employee worked for you offline. Assuming you had the ability to oversee the employee directly as he or she works, there is hardly a chance that a haphazard job can be done and passed off as a great one.

Online Workers Do Not Have A Proper Management System

Once a person works from home, there is a great chance that the person may be distracted. It could be the favorite show playing, or the kids playing around. It could be a cosy bed, tempting you to come and sleep, or the annoying neighbors that won't keep shut. Since there is barely any management system in place to ensure that distractions are kept at arm's length and everything is done when needed, there is a great chance that deadlines may be missed.

A lot of those that work from their homes do not have work ethics. Let's say that your business is handling a very delicate item that shouldn't be disclosed to anyone that is not on the team. If your employees work from the office, there is a great chance that they won't spill the juice about it, since the work ethics are already incorporated in them. If your employees worked for home, it would be easy to divulge delicate information. Sometimes, the online worker may decide to keep the lip shut on such information, but since they work from home, those that have access to their apartments can easily stumble on such information. This is a hidden business cost that some companies do not consider.

The Risk Of Low Productivity

When a firm has its employees working from home, productivity tends to reduce. In the office, an employee has to stay on his or her seat, working for a stipulated number of hours. Then, he or she has no reason not to work, but when someone works over the internet, the same can't be said. The online worker can decide if to work, and this can affect productivity.



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