The Vision Of Global Peace Counts On The Sense Of Security Of Each Individual

global peace humanity Oct 23, 2020

Are you an organizer or decision-maker of organizations, conferences, etc to enhance humanity and peace?
Are you craving for an ultimate solution with the domino effect?
Are you tired of ineffective approaches that keep us chasing tails and leave the
world swamped into the whirlpool of misery?
Here comes Dr. Angela Wilson, Mind matrix specialist.
By tracing the source, she discovered the root cause of all human misery like wars, crimes, discriminations, political corruption, holistic health issues,
starts from the same coding process in a particular part of the individual's mind, which remains mysterious to the most.
It triggers the mind into a wrong perception of insecurity and traps individuals into predestination -the paradox of suffering and success.
A collective of insecure minds will amplify the misery on earth.
Dr shares her cutting-edge finding as an inspirational speaker, keynote presenter, peace-maker.
Welcome to reach her out.

Hacking The Hacked Unconscious Mind Can Free You From Suffering In The Prison Of The Mind Matrix From The Cradle To The Grave

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