interview media news Apr 22, 2020

Q 1: Dr Angela Wilson. Nice to meet you here.Your speciality on Ultimate Self Mastery caught our attention.

Dr Angela Wilson: Thanks. It is my honour to be with you and share my message with your readers.

Q2. From your option, More likely everyone can rescue their selves from the critical moments?

Dr Angela Wilson: Yes, it is true. We are born with the internal power to do so, and I have practised this internal skill for decades since my birth. Otherwise, I would not be able to talk to you today.

Q3. So many celebrities failed to save themselves, even they paid a big price. Can you share the secret behind?

Dr Angela Wilson: No problem. Usually one would reach out for any possible resources that may work on the physical body. But the suffering mainly from the non-physical mind. The medicine we take is used to control the bodily function. However, the body reaction can be twisted by our mind at the deepest level. Without first-hand personal experience in shifting it at the energy level, the external help can’t make a quality change in the emotional experience of physical or mental suffering.

Q4. Can you give some samples of it?

Dr Angela Wilson: Sure. Let’s take Robert William, George Michelle and Michael Treichl Multi-millionaire as the real samples. I feel sorry for them, but others can learn from their lesson.

Q5. We all love comedian Robert William, and sadly he left us. What is your option?


Dr Angela Wilson: Robert Can easily prevent his tragedy if he got a chance to learn how to remove the pain inside and replace with positive energy.  Comedians bring the laugh to the audience. But if we are not able to release the energy of our negative feeling from some experience, it will twist our body and brain function. The laugh on the surface only hides the real message. Once the request from within is ignored, we have to pay the price. You know the theory of “Action and reaction”. We have to deal with the problem directly, and it requires particular technique to do it right with accuracy.

Q6. What about musician George Michelle? It was such a shock on the 25th of Dec, 2016

Dr Angela Wilson: Yes, I feel sorry for his death. But …his sudden tragic ending is predictable and reversible. Usually, the unwanted breakdown or tragedy started from decades ago, and when the internal conditions are triggered by outside to the severe point, the consequence can turn up in a second without a sign. There is a real story, years ago I noticed someone at my open workshop carries a negative sign, but he took a very defensive attitude just based on the fact that his regular medical check proves he is very healthy. Unfortunately, in a couple of months, he died in an operational brain tumour. The investment of 2hrs coaching on proactive strategy can avoid this kind of unnecessary tragedy if one follows.

Q7. Michael Treichl Multi-millionaire kills himself after his mansion was burned down. What can you say about him?

Dr Angela Wilson: We intend to hurt ourselves or others because the function of our brain can be triggered by the extreme emotion. If Mr Treichl even knew there is a better solution to deal with hidden suffering, he would not have ended his life like that. Once we learn how to handle the triggering, we can deal with life problem with wisdom. It requires systemised training.

Q8. You mentioned that we could control the suffering 100%. How to understand that?

Dr Angela Wilson: Inside our energy DNA, we have the immune system to deal with all different kinds of suffering.The design of Ultimate Self Mastery with me covers nine main applications in life journey and eight levels of practice for various result needed. It aims to build conversation between the complex situations.  Those self-driven individuals can get the result faster and easier than those with less motivation.

Q9. How to reach you out if someone has urgent needs?

Dr Angela Wilson: For those clients who pay for exclusive 24/7 service, they can reach me anytime they need. For prospectives with a history of chronic issues, it is suggested to start the coaching before too late. For the detail, please go to

Q10.  What is the message connection between you and former army chief David Morrison, the winner of the Australian of the Year 2016?

Dr Angela Wilson: Mr Morrison was named in a move that promises to put gender equality and diversity at the top of the national agenda. Diversity is one of the nine angles in Ultimate Self Mastery coaching while gender equality is part of the free service I provide in

I met him in Cambria Australia 2015, and I am so impressed with his speech. He is such a contributor to global peace at Australia land.

Q11: What is the key message you want to share with our readers?

 Dr Angela Wilson: For those busy high achievers who keen to serve but with enormous tension, it is essential to master what is within as urgent as possible. Due to the overloaded stress, the hidden conditions can be triggered at each moment without a sign. The earlier coaching we take, the better chance we have to reverse the situations and avoid sudden breakdown or tragedy. To learn more, please go to www.UltimateSelfMastery.Academy


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