Prioritise Your Lifestyle, work or Life?

work life balance Oct 12, 2020

Sometimes, we are so busy with work that we tend to forget about other aspects of life. We focus so much on wealth and the success idea that we forget about our relationship with others.

A lot of persons are known to say that they are very busy once they are asked to hang out. Do you fall under the league of those that are so busy they don't have time to unwind?

Sometimes, when someone asks you how you are faring, you begin to wonder if you should say you are fine or busy. That moment you begin to wonder what you used your time to do. A lot of spend our time without even knowing what we used it to do.

On your journey to chasing wealth, it is important not to forget about other aspects of your life. How is your relationship with your family? Do you have friends?

Do you spend all your time trying to get work done? Or is every second of the day spent on an interesting TV series? What are you using your time for? Do you think of that success idea all day that you don't mind if your relationship with family members suffer?

Or are you the one that would prefer to spend your time, playing around all night that you sleep late. Once morning reaches, you wake up late and turn up to work tardy and looking tired.

Should you have used the time you expended on TV series on sleeping on time? Should you have used part of the time you used on chasing wealth to nurture a relationship with your friends and family members?

You are always spending every night in your office, is that really necessary? You are always on the road, heading for one meeting or the other to the extent that your kids have no idea who you are. Is that really necessary? Do you have to use every second of the day chasing wealth, when you can prioritize?

A lot of us are guilty of this, chasing either trivial things or success idea and ignoring other aspects of our lives.

How to Leverage Your Time

Let's use the Quantity vs Quality scheme to explain this. One thing that shouldn't bother you is how much time that is expended, what should matter to you is how well you used your time. What memories have you created with such time? It should be quality over quantity.

When you try and use your time to the fullest, no matter how small, instead of looking for more and more time to do something, you will be at peace with your jobs and relationships. Try and invest in the time that you currently have, and this is made possible by prioritizing. While you chase your success idea, are there other things that you are doing? When you prioritize, you can get a lot of things done.

Though a lot of us have heard of prioritizing, many of us do not really do it. There are methods that can be used to in prioritizing, deciding what task should take what period.

How Important Is That Action To You

Before you rush off to prioritize, you have to see how valuable that task is. Give it a value.

The value here is what you stand to benefit from doing the task. What will you get in return if you do that task? This is something that should be asked. Will it be a short term benefit, or will it be a long term one?

As you invest in time, you tend to build value that will come from the future. Let's say you have to do a task related to your job, what will you gain from it? Money, or promotion? Let's say you have to spend time with family. What do you gain from it? Is it love or satisfaction? Before you allocate a task to a time period, ask yourself what you will gain from it.

Reduce Time Expenditures

The time expenditure gives you benefits of short term as against the current time that is expended. The benefits will be enjoyed immediately, but they are a one-time thing. One thing you should know is that the brain is capable of prioritizing your tasks, whether you are conscious of it or not.

There are some tasks that you do that can bring you a lot closer to the goals that you have created. On the other hand, there are others that do not bring you close to the goals. Very few people are known to deliberately plan the tasks that they want to do, and those who don't, they allow their lives to run automatically.

This is what makes you feel so busy since your tasks are not planned out earlier. This may leave you expending a lot of time and money on trivial things that are not getting you closer to your goals.

This is why it is common to see some persons stuck in the same old things for years, without any change. Knowing the value that your tasks bring will help you to be very efficient. This goes a long way to clamp down on time expenditures, as well as improve time investments.

Start with Your Intention

Why are you doing this? What is the purpose behind it? Why do you want to take that vacation? If you know the reason you are currently going for that vacation, it will be easier to write out the tasks that you will do while there.

What attractions will you see? What hotel will you stay in? When you know the purpose of the vacation, you can easily list the tasks you will do while there.

After you have written out the list, it is time to group them into the following: Good to have, Should have and Must Haves.

Those things that fall under must-haves are those that are very important to your goal, hence should have top priority. It should gulp a lot of your time and resources.

Those things that fall under should have are those that may be said to be important, but can't be said to be very important. If you leave them, the outcome of what you plan to do may be affected.

As for those items that are ranked as Good to have, they are usually optional. If you don't have them, the outcome won't be affected at all. Grouping the tasks allow you to know what to focus on, and what to ignore.


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