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immigrants Oct 12, 2020

Immigrants face a lot of challenges due to cultural and traditional differences to the new country. As an immigrant, even language can be a barrier between you and people in places like work or school. Or even your neighbors. It can be quite challenging especially for first-generation immigrants.

Being an immigrant entrepreneur is a whole other challenge of its own.

A few things most immigrant entrepreneurs face are

  • Discrimination. This seems to be one of the biggest challenges and immigrant could face as an entrepreneur. You are bound to face discrimination, but how you tackle it is what defines you. Discrimination can either bring you down or pick you right up. Letting it fuel all your energy into your work helps you prove the naysayers wrong.
  • Uncertainties: coming into a new country, totally different from yours, a place you might not have ever visited even, starting a business can be quite challenging. So many uncertainties would go through your mind, and you wouldn't know exactly where to start. How to start. You start weighing your skills and abilities, which business would be better and more accepting for you. You might be thinking of how your business would be perceived by other people. It is totally normal to feel this way; everyone has the jitters when they are in a new environment.
  • Language and cultural barriers: coming from a country where English is not the first language and moving to one where it is, or vice versa, can be challenging. You do not know how to communicate with customers and clients. Or you speak little English with an accent, and you are very self-conscious of that accent. Wondering if people would make fun of you so you might decide not to speak English at all.

All these, including the feeling of insecurity and many more, can hinder you from achieving so much. You've come this far; you should go all the way. Some immigrants doing good in their former country try to make it bigger here. Once they arrive, a lot of hindering factors prevent them from achieving their goals and living life as a lesser human being. Everyone has different definitions of greatness, but immigrants have played a key role in that of America's.

As a new immigrant, you are bound to have self-esteem issues. You should know that self-esteem issues hinder you from welcoming the new challenges life has given you. And at that, you can miss out on great opportunities. Your occupational functionality with be reduced to a minimum, and you realize you're not achieving much, thereby, living your nightmare even before you can close your eyes. Having low self-esteem can drive you into drug abuse and thereby failing yourself and others immigrants all over the world. Plus you might get deported.

You can improve yourself and your situation in so many ways. You can take your power, own it, and use it properly by doing the following.

1.  Invest in Qualifications.

As an immigrant, you can get qualifications by Applying to colleges, going back to high school if you do not have a degree. Signing up for programmes to sharpen your intellectual skill. You can also try out new Jobs for the experience and read up on important topics. Having all these qualifications can help you when you're applying for a job or opening your own business. Getting diplomas from different places can make people trust you better. It builds up for curriculum vitae and makes you more employable and fit for high position jobs in big firms and companies.

2. Expanding your mind to trigger your potential

Expanding your mind helps you overcome obstacles as an immigrant and here's what you need to know.

  • Thinking negatively about your situation is very easy. Even easier than thinking and acting for more positive results. To expand your mind,  you must let those negative thoughts out of the window and give room for positive ones.
  • Speak words of positivity to your self every morning. On your way to work or school. Know that being an immigrant is not a crime, neither is it something for you to be ashamed of.
  • You can seek the comfort of motivational quotes, attend seminars to discovering your full potential. This would help in boosting your confidence and as such, opening more possibilities for you in the nearest future.
  • Set goals and achieve them within the required period of time. Goals always let you look forward to something, and it gives us the extra push we need. Sign up for new activities, even the ones you are scared of trying. Apply for better jobs and attend the interviews with your heads high up with confidence. Do not let anyone intimidate you because you came into the country legally and have the right to apply for jobs.
  • Better yourself by applying for citizenship. This opens more opportunities to high federal Jobs that immigrants don't meet their requirements.
  • Give it your 100%. You must know that no one is perfect and that's what makes the world the way it is. Channel your energy to use your imperfections to strive for greatness 
  • Do not settle for less. No one should intimidate you and make you feel less of a human being.

3. Do not wait for the government to give you opportunities and find them yourself.

As an immigrant, waiting for the government to give you chances isn't such a good idea. It's best you take things into your own hand. If you need a job, you can start up an entrepreneur business as this helps you pass something on to the incoming generation. Find out how much you need to start and get the capital. If you're looking for a high-end paying job at a firm, you can start by getting a little position in that firm. This enables you to gain ideas of how the company works and just how to apply to a bigger position.

When you work at the firm, you know the in and out of how they operate. What their qualification entails. This gives you an edge during your application. And if you're a diligent worker, you just might get a promotion.


Life as an immigrant is never easy at first, but what makes it worse is forgetting the purpose of your immigration. To achieve a better life. You should always remember never to settle for less and aim to get citizenship, so you have more legal protection for you and your family members and apply for an adjustment of status.

Being an immigrant is nothing to be ashamed of. Always remember that. Improve your qualifications so when you apply for a job, you can do so confidently.

And lastly, never forget you represent an entire community of immigrants all over the world. Uphold a good moral standard while also not being a pushover. Do not get yourself involved in any form of illegal activities. Read more, expand your horizon, learn more about the people In your new country and let them know more about you. This builds a connection which makes everything easier.



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