How to Skyrocket Personal Development Journey?

adhd anxiety ocd personal development ptsd schizophreni stress success Apr 15, 2020

Development is a lifelong process. But when it comes to personal development, you must have a vision and a goal. Personal Development is a transformational procedure, in which enhancements are made in your physical, passionate, intellectual, social, as well as financial state. A unique strategy for personal development cannot exist because every individual has a unique personality.
We all and everything originates from a similar source. This is the boundless heavenly piece of us that joins us beyond everything.

To consistently attempt to see the heavenly in everybody you meet, and in every circumstance, you are in. See this reality in yourself as well. This will deliver genuine personal development.

If We try to development mind at mindset level is the 10% of conscious mind or a portion of the 10% subconscious mind, we can get nowhere. This is why most super achievers ends up tragically.

Our mind has two levels- One is an infectious range and the other one is an inspirational range.

Unfortunately, few can reach this level as it takes enormous effort and conditions including taking the risks of life. Not to mention, they want to release the secret.While most of those few who has kind of skill like this don’t live in the complicated commercial world.

It seems there are big gaps from clinic background dealing stress, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, etc to handling business coaching, life coaching, at the end it all come back to the mind. As long as we have the capacity bridging the gaps and fill-in the loopholes, we can see the full picture of how human brain works.
Our brain actually play a game with us. Most of us are tricked to follow the wrong direction based on the feeling at different levels. We judge accordingly without the deep experience on how the mind work with instant shifting.
It is hard for one to go though the process of mind transformation unless someone who master on it is willing to walk-You-Through in the juggle of mind.

To shift the mind to the highest potential, we need to avoid the danger of being trigger on both ways. For example, meditation in different shape of form can cause schizophrenia. I have a real case that a successful business family suffer from the son’s schizophrenia for over a decade. The parents felt so guilty as they benefit from a kind of meditation so it was introduced to the son, a uni student. Unexpectedly, the son started losing the mind not long after and he had to quit…

I was told an other case that one couple felt so cool attending a meditation workshop feeling wonderful when back home enjoying the drifting. In a sudden, the second morning, the boyfriend ran into the street naked and locked up by policeman.

In my childhood one of my classmate went schizophrenic after practising one type of deepening meditation. The subconscious mind and unconscious mind is such a mystery. Without a thorough understand and first-hand experience in testing and working on the boundary and limits on how to bypass the triggers and lead ourselves to the eventual failure.

Another sample is to use NLP for mind anchoring. You may agree that Steve Jobs was a genius in Marketing and sale. He for sure knows how NLP works on the mind. But you can see what he ends up.

Each technique has own weakness and loopholes. Unless we know how to bypass the subtle triggers, we can fall into the trap of mind that can lead to eventual failure.

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