When A Toddler Lives In Threat

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What "impossible" magic can happen when life is in danger?

Dr. Angela Wilson, Mind Matrix® Specialist " truly has her hands on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find.”

As a matrix samurai®, she can take any busy aspiring and ambitious individuals who live with a high-demanding vibrate lifestyle to a safe journey in the mind matrix to escape potentially life-threatening diseases, eliminate successfully future life-altering mistakes in any aspect, and sidestep events that would have been otherwise catastrophic, like premature death and suicide.

There Is collective misconception about the mind worldwide on both the “largely inaccessible” unconscious mind and confusion between the subconscious and the unconscious mind. 

The unconscious mind is the invisible controller of the conscious, subconscious mind, and the whole body system. It is responsible for human’s predestination of the paradox of suffering and success.

Most of us lose the best time to discover this secret and take over control at a very young age. For instance, the invisible automatic coding process can trigger a child’s Autism, Dyslexiaetc. This is the exact reason why Sigmund Freud said:” The unconscious mind is largely inaccessible”.

You can imagine how possible humans can escape the catch of misery web if the big portion of our mind, which drives our life experience is not accessible. No wonder those top successful individuals who work in the high-demanding industry, with high pressure and high-demanding lifestyle can not make it at a certain point in the life journey including at the fear of after death the last stage of life. 

The reason is simple. Any strong-minded people can not escape the control of their own "inaccessible unconscious mind" unless they find the switch on how to take over the ride. The unconscious mind uses anything in our life experience to trigger the crash of humans including our demand for creativity, innovation, high performance, productivity, etc. anything you name it. This default harmful process can be an unfair advantage to protect the mind with synchronization by just monitoring the coding error.

The free spirit took Dr. Angela Wilson to this different path and cutting-edge discovery. 

She came to the world as an unwanted baby girl in a doctoral family, at the time of the Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), the bloodiest sociopolitical movement in China, after 1949, when the communist party took over.

It was the time when teachers, former landlords, and intellectuals were being humiliated, beaten, and murdered. It was a ridiculous time when many colleagues turned on each other and when spouses accused each other to survive.

Her doctoral parents were so distracted and lived in fear each day, especially because her father was a tainted western doctor from a wealthy family with a successful business for over ten generations, including Chinese herbal medicine.

The overwhelming tension of the uncertainty and the fear of the future can trigger parents into mental crashes anytime. They were looking for a safe place to release stress and anger. Angela became the victim, and her parents turned into the perpetrator.

As a meanless life, nobody wanted to take her under their wings.
Unlike other toddlers who have the privilege to enjoy the playground, she was forced to be a standby assistant of doctoral parents and saw the death of patients from premature babies to aged adults, from the rich and the powerful to the poor and vulnerable, along with the unpredictable physical, emotional, and mental abuse each day.
The overheard discussion on how to get rid of her frightened Angela so much and she started to think about where she comes from, what is the purpose of her life, where she will go after death.
Living with a life full of abuse, slavery, fear, and humiliation, she just wanted to escape the hell. 
she even got disappointed by not being taken by the Human trafficker. 
Living in the threat every moment, she had to find a way to stop the suffering synchronically when the torture starts.
She began to count on the only reliable asset she has, the human body device.
Her diligent effort working led her profound finding on the secret of the coding process between the "largely inaccessible unconscious mind", conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the whole physical body, i.e. Mind Matrix® .
By tracing the source, she discovered the root cause of all human misery like wars, crimes, discriminations, political corruption, holistic health issues, starts from the same coding process in a particular part of the individual's mind, which remains mysterious to the most. It triggers the mind into a wrong perception of insecurity and traps individuals into predestination -the paradox of suffering and success. A collective of insecure minds will amplify the misery on earth.
She invested decades in deep research on anything she could find that can enhance the quality of life experience.
China is a country of her birth and Australia is the country of her choice, while Global Peace is her mission. 
Dr shares her cutting-edge finding as an inspirational speaker, keynote presenter, peace-maker. Welcome to reach her out.

Book the unlimited free consultation at https://www.matrixsamurai.com/  or https://www.pathtoliberty.com/


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