Risk Of Career Politicians


Breaking News: High risk doesn't stop the rise of career politicians as a rewarding experience to satisfy Hunan's need to contribute and make a difference.
Mind matrix consultant Dr. Angela Wilson said the high responsibility is proportional to dismiss the high pressure if the leader knows how to monitor the coding process that controls the whole body in a particular part of the mind.
This proactive approach with a domino effect can also guide the consciousness to escape the catch of our mind's unstoppable unconscious desire of corruption, going rogue for sex, drug or the money, or potential murder, jailed trap.

George Ross, Donald Trump's right-hand man for 47 years shared his option about whether Donald Trump can be successful or not. 

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Seoul Mayor Part Won-soon, South Korea's second-most powerful official and a potential presidential contender

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Indian Elites Deserve The Best Care And Save Own lives

indian Oct 13, 2020

The matrix samurai trainer, Dr. Angela Wilson said,
The epidemic of tragic fall in the circle of busy aspiring and ambitious elites is stoppable.

They can take the advantage of the unstoppable desire to monitor the cod- ing process that controls the whole human body in a secret part of the mind.

It can stop the paradox of suffering and success in the first place to save their own lives like
Ranjan Das, a fitness freak and a marathon;

Billionaire V.G. Siddhartha ; Sushant Singh Rajput;

Stars like Scridevi Kapoor;

Irrfan Khan ; Saroj Khan;

Rishi Kapoor; Wajid Khan; Narendra Jha;

Kushal Punjabi; Venu Madhav;

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 The Tragedy Behind The Death of Former Billionaire V.G. Siddhartha, Indias Coffee King


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4 Things to Consider when Planning your Side Hustle

side hustle Oct 12, 2020

There are a lot of things that we can achieve if we put our minds to it. The mind possesses the key to everything, whether we succeed or not falls deeply on our mindset. This is why it is advisable that we train our mind. There are numerous mind resources that are dedicated to allowing us to achieve anything.

How can you start a side hustle and succeed at it, if you don't have the success mindset? It won't be so easy.

The jobs a lot of us do are not enough to give us the good things in life. The salary may pay our bills, and provide us with the necessities, apart from that, nothing else is done.

Side hustling is a great way to earn additional cash that can be saved or used in providing us with those luxuries that we seek. For your side hustle to be successful, you have to train your mind to be able to combine your daily job and it.

There has to be a lot of scheduling, in a bid to see if both can go hand in hand. None has to suffer if you put your mind to it. This is why there are...

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stress Oct 12, 2020


This in one of the fundamental subjects I’ve been very much looking forward to tackling. We have all heard from one source or another how stress can affect our eating habits. But is this a fact or just another urban myth? Do the two actually correlate? Which is the one having effect on the other, is it food on stress or vice versa? All this and more I intend to explain this chapter.

Now I am not here to tell you what to eat and what not to eat. I am not here to determine what amount of food you take. I am certainly not here to put you on some diet regime. The brain and its profound effect in our lives and decisions is what I want to focus on in dealing with this contentious issue of food and stress and how the two correlate with one another.

There is plenty research that has documented the concept of “stress eating”. Many studies suggest that stress eating habits are some kind of natural body response to high levels of stress. That whenever we get stressed...

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Seize the moment

immigrants Oct 12, 2020

Immigrants face a lot of challenges due to cultural and traditional differences to the new country. As an immigrant, even language can be a barrier between you and people in places like work or school. Or even your neighbors. It can be quite challenging especially for first-generation immigrants.

Being an immigrant entrepreneur is a whole other challenge of its own.

A few things most immigrant entrepreneurs face are

  • Discrimination. This seems to be one of the biggest challenges and immigrant could face as an entrepreneur. You are bound to face discrimination, but how you tackle it is what defines you. Discrimination can either bring you down or pick you right up. Letting it fuel all your energy into your work helps you prove the naysayers wrong.
  • Uncertainties: coming into a new country, totally different from yours, a place you might not have ever visited even, starting a business can be quite challenging. So many uncertainties would go through your mind, and you wouldn't know...
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Public Speaking Is An Essential Skill For Business Owners

public speaking Oct 12, 2020

One thing every business owner should have is public speaking because it is an important skill. Public speaking has the ability to increase your profit and business success.

There are some persons that are in love with the stage, while there are others that hate the stage so much that the thought of climbing it is revolting.

Psychology Today published a study that shows that a lot of persons fear public speaking more than they fear death. Why is this so? A lot of persons are yet to be in tune with their mind power. They allow their fears to control their minds, instead of allowing their minds to control their fears. It is only wise that if you are scared of public speaking that you work on it by getting a league of mind resources.

This is very important because public speaking comes with its perks for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. As a business owner, you will have to talk to groups, and sometimes they may be small, and other times, big.

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Prioritise Your Lifestyle, work or Life?

work life balance Oct 12, 2020

Sometimes, we are so busy with work that we tend to forget about other aspects of life. We focus so much on wealth and the success idea that we forget about our relationship with others.

A lot of persons are known to say that they are very busy once they are asked to hang out. Do you fall under the league of those that are so busy they don't have time to unwind?

Sometimes, when someone asks you how you are faring, you begin to wonder if you should say you are fine or busy. That moment you begin to wonder what you used your time to do. A lot of spend our time without even knowing what we used it to do.

On your journey to chasing wealth, it is important not to forget about other aspects of your life. How is your relationship with your family? Do you have friends?

Do you spend all your time trying to get work done? Or is every second of the day spent on an interesting TV series? What are you using your time for? Do you think of that success idea all day that you don't mind if your...

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Knife Behind Your Back-business betrayal

business Oct 12, 2020

The world of business is a dog eat dog one, where brands are trying to run their competitors to bankruptcy, and business partners are trying to cheat others. One thing that you should always know is that you should expect the unexpected when in the business realm.

The Possibility Of An Unexpected Sudden "Divorce" In Partnership.

At one time, you and your partners were happy. The business idea was formed, and all of you were optimistic that everything would go as planned. It is important to bear in mind that no matter how long you dine and wine with your business partner, there is a great chance that wealth can separate you. That business partnership can come crashing because one or two of your partners decided that the wealth should be for them only.

This can be devastating, especially when you do not expect it. Sometimes, the symptoms that your business partnership was about to be annihilated may have raised their heads, but the fact that you have close ties with your business...

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Hidden Cost On Cheap Online Staff

online staff Oct 12, 2020

A great deal of if a business will succeed depends on how good the employees are. This is why a lot of companies expend a lot, trying to employ competent workers. It is quite common to see companies paying HR agencies to employ only the best to ensure that the company continuously succeed. Employing a person comes with its business cost, and it is something that some companies didn't mind paying, but things seem to be changing.

With the prevalence of the internet, things seem to be changing with the way that things are currently done. Gone are the days when people employed all their staffers and kept them in a building. Now, it is quite easy to get a freelancer that can work from the comfort of their homes on your online business idea. To a lot of businesses, this outsourcing format is relatively cheap. They do not have to worry about a lot of things. Truth be told, having online workers to carry out your online business idea can come with its perks.

No Worries About Workers'...

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Failure in Election Can effect The Rest of Life As An Ambitious Politician

politican Oct 12, 2020

There is hardly a soul that likes to lose, no matter how tiny it may be. No one likes to be runner up to anyone, and when a person loses, it can affect the mental health of the person. It is common to see those that have had their fair share of failure becoming depressed. Why is this so?

Their mental health is affected, and they start to feel like they would never succeed at anything. This is what an ambitious politician feels when he loses an election. His or her heart becomes shattered, and sometimes, the politician may feel that the next line of action is to give up the ambition.

It could be as little as losing your Class Presidency election, or as big as losing a primary in your political party. When bad results come in, it can leave you devastated. Cases have been seen of some politicians burying whatever dreams they have. It is really painful, as you must have spent a long time, baby kidding, and trying to win over your electorate.

You may have been made to do a lot of things...

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