Interview With Dr Angela Wilson, CEO of Ultimate Self-mastery Academy

interview media news Apr 22, 2020

Q 1: Dr Angela Wilson. Nice to meet you here. We heard about you a lot.

Dr Angela Wilson: Thanks. It is my honour to be with you and share my message with your readers.

Q2. : Who or what inspired you to get into speaking and coaching business?

Dr Angela Wilson: Well, it is my dream since childhood to serve as many people as possible, but I did not know how to make it happen until Antony Robbin attracted my attention.Yes, he is the one who inspired me to take speaking and coaching as a profession to share my message.

Q3: Tell us a little about Ultimate Self Mastery Academy?

Dr Angela Wilson: Ultimate Self Mastery Academy provide tailored solutions in different shape of forms for those who are determined to serve others like the entrepreneur, CEO, performer of any kind and politician, etc. We offer both online and offline. We are privileged to serve our clients from different continents...

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interview media news Apr 22, 2020

Q 1: Dr Angela Wilson. Nice to meet you here.Your speciality on Ultimate Self Mastery caught our attention.

Dr Angela Wilson: Thanks. It is my honour to be with you and share my message with your readers.

Q2. From your option, More likely everyone can rescue their selves from the critical moments?

Dr Angela Wilson: Yes, it is true. We are born with the internal power to do so, and I have practised this internal skill for decades since my birth. Otherwise, I would not be able to talk to you today.

Q3. So many celebrities failed to save themselves, even they paid a big price. Can you share the secret behind?

Dr Angela Wilson: No problem. Usually one would reach out for any possible resources that may work on the physical body. But the suffering mainly from the non-physical mind. The medicine we take is used to control the bodily function. However, the body reaction can be twisted by our mind at the deepest level. Without first-hand personal experience in shifting it at the energy...

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Inspiring Cutting-Edge Coach Dr Angela Wilson Of High-Performance

interview media news Apr 22, 2020

Dr Angela Wilson, PhD, CEO and head coach From www.UltimateSelfMastery.Academy is a cutting-edge mentor of the new generation in 21 century “in self-help industry on the international scale.”

As a live proof and survival, she has successfully transformed herself from an unwanted new-born marked with incorrect legal birthdate record lifetime after being escaped from numerous devastating situations to a leading coach at the global stage.

The magic behind the capability in turning knowledge into practical and tangible wisdom is through practising on a different level of self -mastery technique series which she has integrated with professional experience and daily practice since childhood.

After having rescued a Japanese investor from a damaging-led trick in her early 20’s among the set-up jungle and temperature, she noticed...

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Interview With Dr Angela Wilson

interview media news Apr 22, 2020

Dr. Angela Wilson, PhD, CEO and head coach From Ultimate Self Mastery Academy UltimateSelfMastery.Academy

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Utilizing Internal Power Against Unbearable Life Chaos

coaching media news Apr 22, 2020

5 February, 2018 - Prominent 3-in-1 Coach (therapeutical, counseling and healing coach) and founder of Ultimate-self Mastery Academy shares a side of her life experience and how her skills have been a means of immense assistance to solving critical life issues for people in the recent years.

Believing the very illustrious Dr Wilson Angela to be a former victim of negative life experiences may seem unimaginable, especially with the number of great success and accolades received as she has helped out many from their hopeless state to living in freedom once again.

The outstanding life coach was born unwanted by her Chinese parents, her mother made this obvious every day, abusing her physically and emotionally as she regrets she should have drowned her, what a world!

Dr Wilson who is now famous for her giant strides of helping people enjoy the experience in business, career and personal life once lived her life with great depression, anxiety and darkest situations others...

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Globally Rated #1 Result Coach Announces Another Promising MIND DEVELOPMENT Course

media news online course Apr 22, 2020


August 13, 2019 – An innovating wealth and success Coach Dr. Angela Wilson Ph.D. announces new, impact-promising program. This cutting-edge service focus on retrieve 30-100% wealth loss and secure success using the power of the total three levels of minds. It has been tagged ‘Done-For-You Mind Development for Achievers.’ The program, according to the brilliant speaker, is targeted at optimizing the mind of participants. It aims to help them reach the required level that will see them effortlessly touch on dream realization through well-structured execution of plans.

Dr Wilson has rich clinic experiences dealing with depression, fear, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD, etc.

Decades effort in polishing this soft skill led Dr Wilson to a profound discovery on how any achievers can dominate the game of mind without feeling powerless at a certain point of life journey.

Dr. Angela Wilson has spent her whole life optimize on how to access the human...

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