Globally Rated #1 Result Coach Announces Another Promising MIND DEVELOPMENT Course

media news online course Apr 22, 2020


August 13, 2019 – An innovating wealth and success Coach Dr. Angela Wilson Ph.D. announces new, impact-promising program. This cutting-edge service focus on retrieve 30-100% wealth loss and secure success using the power of the total three levels of minds. It has been tagged ‘Done-For-You Mind Development for Achievers.’ The program, according to the brilliant speaker, is targeted at optimizing the mind of participants. It aims to help them reach the required level that will see them effortlessly touch on dream realization through well-structured execution of plans.

Dr Wilson has rich clinic experiences dealing with depression, fear, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD, etc.

Decades effort in polishing this soft skill led Dr Wilson to a profound discovery on how any achievers can dominate the game of mind without feeling powerless at a certain point of life journey.

Dr. Angela Wilson has spent her whole life optimize on how to access the human...

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The longevity of Innovation and Creativity Is Vital For Business Survival

When a company starts lacking competitive innovation, it tends to focus exclusively on exploitation. It is the sign of possible eventual failure unless it standup again with new innovation.

An overwhelming number of companies wasted enormous capital buying corporate innovation services without compelling market results.

It is also a reason why many companies become conservative with investment in innovation and turn into cutting a variety of costs of a business to keep profit margin. 

Every business model has its own lifecycle and it becomes shorter and shorter. When a new business model, a product launches in the market, the sensitive competitors may become "Good" buyers at the early stage and study the weakness of the product, loopholes of its service, and start to create an alternative. Then soon, articles from different resources start to spread over the internet bout its replacement. 

“If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If broken by an inside...

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How Performers Can Pursue Professional Success With Sustainability

Aspiring performers always seek for success through bringing inspiration to the world. 

The entertainment industry is very competitive. It is relevantly easier to reach the success dreamed of, rather than stay success without being caught up by psychological consequence. The failure of bypassing the psychological barrier may lead to a severe physical health issue or unrecoverable life damage.

Every performer, regardless of acting on screen, TV, movie, or on stage, face the role shifting in realities: the role in performing and the role in real life. How to bridge the gap between the two is critical for success with longevity.

So many highly successful performers can not keep the longevity of success due to physical, mental health issues or even mental crashes like a suicidal or accidental death due to over-dosage of the drug. 

This attracted my attention. To discover what is exactly happening, as a Mind Technician, I invested in standup comedy and acting courses to get the...

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