Relationships of Business singles and Couples; What You Need To Know

busienss relationship Oct 12, 2020

In a world driven by social and economic pursuits, where entrepreneur and business advents make the day, in the individual worlds of those who partake in said advents, is there still normality in regards to love relationships? Then again is love a normal process for everybody, but of course not, however, for those fully engrossed in the constraints of business, its a lot different than you think. To this, before going ahead, it's proper to define certain terminologies to be used in this article, that is business singles and business couples. The former refers to men and women who partake in businesses around the world, either for a parent company or for themselves and are relatively open for the taking, that is, they are single men and women. As for the latter, it refers to couples who double as either business partners or are both relatively involved in a form of business or the other.

Now, for the business couples, there is often a plethora of errors that may occur in continuation...

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Publishing Your Own Book As A Retired Professional Will Do

book publication Oct 12, 2020

You are finally over the age of retirement, and you have nothing else to do but sit down and stare at the sky. You are wondering if there is a way you can move back the hand of time, and swing back to those days, you woke up in the morning, and headed off to work. Though you may have hated your boss then, and the job, now, you miss it. You miss the office life, the gossips, the pile of works, and throwing snide remarks at your boss at his or her back. You may be like most people who hate retirement and would hop into a time machine if they can find one.

You are probably looking for jobs offers for retirees above the age of 60, but very few or no opportunities are coming up. You are now a retired professional or retired business person that has nothing to do but stare at the sky. You may have enough money and may think of hitting the road for that journey you have always wanted to embark on. After the journey, what next? You ask yourself.

You are scared of the unknown. You may not be...

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Business Longevity and Entrepreneurial Success


Business Longevity can be defined as the sustained existence of companies even after the demise of the founder. Business enterprise longevity is the continuity of the firm beyond the career span of its founder.

Ever wondered why some corporations seem to last lifetimes while others appear to struggle and disappear within a relatively short time? What are the keys to ensuring a business survives and is successful over time?

Every business is unique as such, there is no single way of ensuring the longevity of a business. However, we will look at some reasons businesses fail and how to ensure entrepreneurial success and business longevity.

Reasons some businesses fail

  • Lack of planning.

Many businesses fail because of lacking short-term and long-term goals or targets. They fail to create a concise plan detailing where their business should be in a few months or years.

  • Ignoring customer’s preferences.

Businesses that fail do not pay any heed to what customers...

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How To Appear Smart In Meetings As A Female

women empoerment Oct 12, 2020

Being a female in a meeting is not easy, especially when you are the only female in the room, or if luck is on your side, one of the few females in the room. You dress your best and ensure that every attire and accessory you have on is in pristine condition. You don't want the males to think that you don't know your onion, neither do you want to be relegated to the background. If you are lucky, you have earned a position for yourself in the firm, and your words are taken like gold. You have a spent a long while working on self-empowerment.

The truth will always be that most women have their opinions discarded because they are females. To some people, how dare a businesswoman to think up something clever?

Some offices are really involved in women empowerment, and equality of both genders at the workplace, and in some cases, it is mere lip service. They paint themselves as being female friendly, but one hour in that workplace, and you may realize that the show of women empowerment was...

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Brand Promotion On SOCIAL MEDIA

branding social media Oct 12, 2020

Over time, especially when it comes to consumer choices, many have come to discover that branding actually matters. A lot of consumers will not mind splashing some extra cash to acquire products from a particular brand because such brands have time and again proven to be consistent with producing quality products and in a addition, giving their customer’s continuous reasons to trust them. The truth is when your brand is trustworthy, your customers will remain loyal to your brand and when your customers are loyal to you, they will buy more from you. Hence, many have taken serious steps to make sure that their branding is one which will draw many customers.

What then is branding? Well, branding is the process of creating a positive, yet unique perception of one’s company in the minds of customers by several means such as their logo, their theme, their mission or goals, and also through advertisement. Branding aims to bring something different for their customers that will...

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Top Security Requirements for a Business Trip

business travel Oct 12, 2020


The standard process for going on a business trip, or the preparation thereof, be it to a nearby state or halfway across the world, often encompasses a lot of activities to be taken into consideration. These activities normally range from internet-based research on the weather for the day of travel, to hotel reservations and sightseeing activities for in case there's spare time. However, most people often neglect to take into account their security or the need for security services, that is, their safety either on the trip, on arrival or during their stay at the desired destination. This neglect tends to have more effect on persons on business travels, that is persons who go on trips as principal employees or representatives of corporations and organizations alike, to perform a business related activity. This is so, as a business corporation or organization can at most times be held liable if something unpleasant happens to the said employee on business travel.

To this,...

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digital marketing Oct 12, 2020

Every online business is profit-oriented. They want to make as many online sales as possible. They know that their competitors will be looking for new strategies to stay on top and because of this, they also would develop a means to boost or improve their online sales. Digital marketing is a great way a brand can dominate even in the midst of strong competition.

Top online marketers are well aware of the power of digital marketing and social media platforms. They know that such platforms are not just used to beg people to buy from them or to talk about how great their business is. They know that digital marketing via social media platforms such as their blogs, websites, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, or Instagram pages give them a great opportunity to connect, inform, entertain and delight their audiences. It gives them an opportunity to create a relationship of trust with their customers. This, in turn, ensures sustainability as online sales keep increasing.


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Steps To Forming Long-Lasting Business Partnerships

business Oct 12, 2020

Business partnering is a very potent tool for business development. Basically, every business, from small companies to large enterprises, it is a necessary tool which is part of any successful business plan. Business partnering is very important as they provide certain benefits for both parties. One of these benefits is the reduction of general costs, as partners ensure to pool their resources together in order to carry out business projects. It also increases competitive advantage, as it provides better opportunities for investment, occupation, and revenue to the business. Business expansion can also be achieved through partnership, as the pooling of resources, provides financial wherewithal for capital-intensive projects. 

   It is important to know that forming partnerships is not easy, and not all partnerships work out at the end of the day. This makes it very critical for you to thoroughly investigate your potential partner during the discovery period, to be sure...

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break news

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2020
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Dr Angela Wilson With Andrea Navedo

Andrea Navedo is an American actress and singer. She began her career on the daytime soap operas One Life to Live and Guiding Light, and in later years had several supporting roles on primetime television. From 2014 to 2019, Navedo starred as Xiomara "Xo" Villanueva in The CW comedy-drama series, Jane the Virgin. Wikipedia

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