The Hidden Cause of Steves Jobs Death


Hugh Hilton, a billionaire entrepreneur shared his view on Steve Jobs' death. 

Steve Jobs was not guided on how to use his habit on diet and fasting at a critical period of his health condition. 

The diet habit, fasting, stress can trigger the tragic ending as the default destiny

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Dr Angela Wilson Interviews Steve Wozniak Apple Co-founder


Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) talked about sustainable success when our consciousness can still manage. Matrix Samurai® takes you to the next level that covers the whole life journey.

For example: If you aim to live until eighty, each day when time is counting down, your power is going up. You will be able to take all your asset as an intercultural property to the left trip on the last day of your life on earth. 

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The Epidemic Of Misery In The Olympic Athletes Circle Is Avoidable

atheletes olympic Sep 23, 2020

The Epidemic Of Misery In The Olympic Athletes Circle Is Avoidable

              —Mastering The Coding Secret Underneath The Suffering

Based on a consensus statement from the International Olympic Committee, it is said the rates of anxiety and derision may rise up to 45% among elite athletes, Olympians. Not even mention others who have an addiction or other mental health issues and lead to suicide like Samuel Wanjiru, Olympic gold medalist, a Kenyan marathoner, Kelly Catlin, Cycling world champion, Athletes Stephen Scherer, Jeret Peterson.

The predestination of suffering and success is a misconception limited by the default perception our mind is trapped into. It can mislead athletes drafted into the feeling of "love the suffering- it’s why we do it" until they can not handle the mental crash.

The human mind is designed in a certain way to fit the need of the ecosystem."The part that makes human great is also the part...
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