Risk Of Career Politicians


Breaking News: High risk doesn't stop the rise of career politicians as a rewarding experience to satisfy Hunan's need to contribute and make a difference.
Mind matrix consultant Dr. Angela Wilson said the high responsibility is proportional to dismiss the high pressure if the leader knows how to monitor the coding process that controls the whole body in a particular part of the mind.
This proactive approach with a domino effect can also guide the consciousness to escape the catch of our mind's unstoppable unconscious desire of corruption, going rogue for sex, drug or the money, or potential murder, jailed trap.

George Ross, Donald Trump's right-hand man for 47 years shared his option about whether Donald Trump can be successful or not. 

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Career Success Accelerator For Entertainment Professionals

Career Success Accelerator

Matrix Samurai

—-Mind Power Lady | Dr Angela Wilson

  1. Insecurity of performing

Many professionals in the entertainment industry are holding back in career development because of the fear and the sense of uncertainty. 

The Fastrack of speeding out the mind process in feeling comfortable is to understand the game of own mind matrix and dominate the game in the mind.

2. Mental Expansion in acting creativity

Racing in the entertainment industry is highly competitive. How fast you can expand your character and earn all inner attributes needed for the role is the key to stand out.

The unconscious mind is a buried gold mine and Mind Power Lady can take you to a safe journey digging out any resources you need in the mind matrix as a matrix samurai.

3. Free from living in the darkness of the character of the role

As an entertainment professional, you may have to dig into the soul and mine the motion living into the world of the character for...

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