Lesson For Corporate India From The unconscious Suicidal approach killed Ranjan Das

Many Corporate India shocked with the unexpected death of Ranjan Das, Youngest CEO in India

This sad demise raised a lot of doubts about how entrepreneurs, executives should take care of health. Since Ranjan Das, from Bandra, Mumbai was very active in sports, was called as a fitness freak and a

marathon runner. 

People used to see him run on Bandra's Carter Road. Unexpectedly he collapses after a workout from his gym returning home. The massive heart attack took him away and leave sorrow with those who loved him.

Most of us don't understand how possible someone healthy like him faces an unexpected tragedy. As a matter of fact, it is very easy to understand if we take accurate thinking. What we all missed to talk about is the mysterious part of the mind, the unconscious mind which is "largely inaccessible'. 

It doesn't matter how careful we maintain our health, we will be taken if we don't know the secret of mastery the triggers in this special part of the mind. It is the...

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Steve Jobs 'Regretted Trying To Beat Cancer With Alternative Medicine For So Long'

Steve Jobs did not die because of using alternative medicine, but not knowing how to bridge the gaps of different modalities. He is the victim of own reptilian Brain  

If he knows how to break the curse and bridge the gaps of mind power, he should have saved own lives.
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John McCain Suffer Cancer, CEO dies of heart attack. Elemental CEO Sam Blackman Dies in a sudden.

ceo death health success wealth Apr 09, 2020

John McCain Suffer Cancer, CEO dies of heart attack. Elemental CEO Sam Blackman Dies in a sudden.

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Millionaires, Acheivers Face Tragic Ending

ceo death success tragedy Apr 09, 2020

Millionaires, Lorraine, Pancreatic cancer, Victorian minister Finona Richardson, Politician Warrenton Barham, Lorraine Hall, 



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