How To Appear Smart In Meetings As A Female

Being a female in a meeting is not easy, especially when you are the only female in the room, or if luck is on your side, one of the few females in the room. You dress your best and ensure that every attire and accessory you have on is in pristine condition. You don't want the males to think that you don't know your onion, neither do you want to be relegated to the background. If you are lucky, you have earned a position for yourself in the firm, and your words are taken like gold. You have a spent a long while working on self-empowerment.

The truth will always be that most women have their opinions discarded because they are females. To some people, how dare a businesswoman to think up something clever?

Some offices are really involved in women empowerment, and equality of both genders at the workplace, and in some cases, it is mere lip service. They paint themselves as being female friendly, but one hour in that workplace, and you may realize that the show of women empowerment was...

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Seize The Moment

Immigrants face a lot of challenges due to cultural and traditional differences to the new country. As an immigrant, even language can be a barrier between you and people in places like work or school. Or even your neighbors. It can be quite challenging especially for first-generation immigrants.

Being an immigrant entrepreneur is a whole other challenge of its own.

A few things most immigrant entrepreneurs face are


This seems to be one of the biggest challenges and immigrant could face as an entrepreneur. You are bound to face discrimination, but how you tackle it is what defines you. Discrimination can either bring you down or pick you right up. Letting it fuel all your energy into your work helps you prove the naysayers wrong.


coming into a new country, totally different from yours, a place you might not have ever visited even, starting a business can be quite challenging. So many uncertainties would go through your mind, and you wouldn't know...

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ADHD: The Entrepreneur's Superpower

We can achieve permanent mental freedom through the unused mental power unknown by the most, while keeping the superpower without side-effects. More over, we can save tons of money wasted on mental maintenance.

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Steve Jobs 'Regretted Trying To Beat Cancer With Alternative Medicine For So Long'

Steve Jobs did not die because of using alternative medicine, but not knowing how to bridge the gaps of different modalities. He is the victim of own reptilian Brain  

If he knows how to break the curse and bridge the gaps of mind power, he should have saved own lives.
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