Hollywood Success Without Tragic Fall

hollywood hollywood star Oct 23, 2020

The Epidemic of the paradox of both suffering and success, | amazing rise and tragic fall is avoidable, pursuing Hollywood success.

Mind matrix consultant Dr. Angela Wilson discovers that
The high-demanding industry gives the busy aspiring and ambitious mind the privilege to monitor the coding process in a specific part of the mind and convert the energy of thoughts, synchronizing with the vibrant Hollywood lifestyle.

Hollywood professionals can choose to escape potentially life-threatening diseases, eliminate successfully future life-altering mistakes, sidestep events that would have been otherwise catastrophic, like premature death, suicide.
This domino effort approach makes the tragic experience unnecessary.

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Hollywood Billionaire Steve Bing suicided depressed due to covid quarantine

Steve Bing killed himself because he never really took control of the unknown part of the mind.



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Kevin Costner on Whitney Houston: ‘You weren't just good enough — you were great’

Once understanding the energy flow, we can trigger the mind to enjoy the feeling of the drug within really taking it

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Here's what happened in the minutes before Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash

Helicopter crash#KobeBryant

 Prevention: Train the body sensitivity as a sensor of energy inside the body. One Soul, My lives. Train how to leave the body in critical situation
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‘Ugly Betty’ Executive Producer Silvio Horta Dies at 45

“Preliminary evidence suggests that this is possibly a suicide.” #SilvioHorta

 Redirect the energy flow of the emotion to prevent Suicidal Attention 
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Stan Kirsch: Highlander And Friends Actor Dies Aged 51


Train the strong awareness of the change of energy flow to prevent 
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Kushal Punjabi's Friend Ashiesh Roy: He Had Problems In His Married Life

Hang up himself#Kushal Punjabi self-love and change internal energy flow to free from mind prison and adapt relationship

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48 Celebrities Who Revealed Their Mental Illnesses To Help Others Find Courage

Mental Illness is just the game inside the mind that we give up to dominate the energy flow. We have the choice to dismiss them

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