Failure in Election Can effect The Rest of Life As An Ambitious Politician

politican Oct 12, 2020

There is hardly a soul that likes to lose, no matter how tiny it may be. No one likes to be runner up to anyone, and when a person loses, it can affect the mental health of the person. It is common to see those that have had their fair share of failure becoming depressed. Why is this so?

Their mental health is affected, and they start to feel like they would never succeed at anything. This is what an ambitious politician feels when he loses an election. His or her heart becomes shattered, and sometimes, the politician may feel that the next line of action is to give up the ambition.

It could be as little as losing your Class Presidency election, or as big as losing a primary in your political party. When bad results come in, it can leave you devastated. Cases have been seen of some politicians burying whatever dreams they have. It is really painful, as you must have spent a long time, baby kidding, and trying to win over your electorate.

You may have been made to do a lot of things...

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