stress Oct 12, 2020


This in one of the fundamental subjects I’ve been very much looking forward to tackling. We have all heard from one source or another how stress can affect our eating habits. But is this a fact or just another urban myth? Do the two actually correlate? Which is the one having effect on the other, is it food on stress or vice versa? All this and more I intend to explain this chapter.

Now I am not here to tell you what to eat and what not to eat. I am not here to determine what amount of food you take. I am certainly not here to put you on some diet regime. The brain and its profound effect in our lives and decisions is what I want to focus on in dealing with this contentious issue of food and stress and how the two correlate with one another.

There is plenty research that has documented the concept of “stress eating”. Many studies suggest that stress eating habits are some kind of natural body response to high levels of stress. That whenever we get stressed...

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How to Skyrocket Personal Development Journey?

Development is a lifelong process. But when it comes to personal development, you must have a vision and a goal. Personal Development is a transformational procedure, in which enhancements are made in your physical, passionate, intellectual, social, as well as financial state. A unique strategy for personal development cannot exist because every individual has a unique personality.
We all and everything originates from a similar source. This is the boundless heavenly piece of us that joins us beyond everything.

To consistently attempt to see the heavenly in everybody you meet, and in every circumstance, you are in. See this reality in yourself as well. This will deliver genuine personal development.

If We try to development mind at mindset level is the 10% of conscious mind or a portion of the 10% subconscious mind, we can get nowhere. This is why most super achievers ends up tragically.

Our mind has two levels- One is an infectious range and the other one is an inspirational range.

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Feel not A Good Mother

We have the internal power to turn the stress into the mental power instead of being controlled by own mind prison

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Manage Anxiety and Stress | Small Business

Are you a person taking a reactive or proactive approach? Mind Samurai Training covers both mental styles.

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