‘Ugly Betty’ Executive Producer Silvio Horta Dies at 45

“Preliminary evidence suggests that this is possibly a suicide.” #SilvioHorta

 Redirect the energy flow of the emotion to prevent Suicidal Attention 
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What the Death of Camila María Concepción Tells Us About the Reality the Transgender Community Faces in the United States

“multiracial transgender people are experiencing disproportionately higher levels of attempted suicide,” #camilamariaconceptcion

Once we give ourselves permission of freedom from the Mind Prison, we can change the destiny
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Stan Kirsch: Highlander And Friends Actor Dies Aged 51


Train the strong awareness of the change of energy flow to prevent 
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Deaths of K-pop Stars Put Focus On Mental Health Taboos In South Korea

Suicide #Once we know how to build up the internal strength like a warrior, which I call it "Mind Samurai", we can dominate our destiny.

Use the Power of Mind on prevention and rehabilitation 
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Hong Kong Singer Ellen Loo Dies in Apparent Suicide at 32

Suicide #EllenLoo Although there is no fix using external methodology on bipolar, it can be vanished by using our own secret part of mental power unknown by the most.

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Feel not A Good Mother

We have the internal power to turn the stress into the mental power instead of being controlled by own mind prison

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