Prioritise Your Lifestyle, work or Life?

work life balance Oct 12, 2020

Sometimes, we are so busy with work that we tend to forget about other aspects of life. We focus so much on wealth and the success idea that we forget about our relationship with others.

A lot of persons are known to say that they are very busy once they are asked to hang out. Do you fall under the league of those that are so busy they don't have time to unwind?

Sometimes, when someone asks you how you are faring, you begin to wonder if you should say you are fine or busy. That moment you begin to wonder what you used your time to do. A lot of spend our time without even knowing what we used it to do.

On your journey to chasing wealth, it is important not to forget about other aspects of your life. How is your relationship with your family? Do you have friends?

Do you spend all your time trying to get work done? Or is every second of the day spent on an interesting TV series? What are you using your time for? Do you think of that success idea all day that you don't mind if your...

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