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Unleash The Power Of Your Unconscious Mind

Celeb Interviewer
With President Politicians
Brand Introduced To Oscar Stars
With Celebs
With Hollywood Stars

Interview: Sustainable Success At the conscious Mind from Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder

Interview: Cause of Steve Jobs Death from Hugh Hilton, a billionaire entrepreneur

Interview: Unpredictable Future for Presidental Success of Donald Trump, from George Ross, the right-hand man for 47 years

Panel: Matrix from a different angle, Sophia Stewart, billion-dollar Myth

Dr Angela Wilson, The Mind Power Lady with Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder)

Dr Angela Wilson, The Mind Power Lady with George Ross (Donald Trump’s Coach)

Dr Angela Wilson, The Mind Power Power Lady with Mel Gibson (Hollywood Star)

Dr Angela Wilson, The Mind Power Power Lady with Mike Slade (Microsoft Bill Gate’s Coach)

Dr Angela Wilson, with Dr Phil (McGraw's Show)

With Michael Douglas (Hollywood Star)

With Jewel (four Grammy Award Nominee)

With Vanilla Ice (American Rapper, actor and TV host)

With Jessica Simpson (Hollywood Star)

With JT Foxx (Celeb Entrepreneur)

With Marty Ray (Celeb Musical Artist)


With Charlie Sheen (Hollywood Star)

With Barney Waters (K-Swiss brand President)

With Jason Alexander (Celeb Comedian)

With Brooke Shields (Celeb Actress & Model)

With Kavita Channe, Michael Irvin, Bruce Buffer, Steve Mandel

With Peter Hackworth (Influential Entrepreneur)

With Brad Carswell (Senate Candidate)

With Susan McDonald (Senate Candidate)

With Andy Harrington (Influential Entrepreneur)

With Aerospace Vacuum Tech Scientist, China

With Glenn Sadler, Sports Champion Australia

With John Maher, 3-time Nominee Australian of the Year

With Mayor Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane Australia 2020


Dr Angela Wilson EArned The Highest Award DTM, Toastmasters International

Dr Angela Wilson was checking the property energy for developers in Australia

Invitation to The Great Hall of The People In China, a place used for legislative and ceremonial activities by the Government of China

Dr Angela Wilson was invited as an Honored guest, Psychologists Forum Of China 2009


Dr Angela Wilson Started Her Influence to Hollywood Circle Since Oscar weekend 2018

1. Jimmy Kimmel * (Host) Nominees & Talent 2 . Saoirse Ronan 3. Meryl Streep 4. Christopher Plummer 5. Mary J. Blige 6. Laurie Metcalf 7. Octavia Spencer 8. Aaron Sorkin 9. Michael Shannon 10. Sarah Paulson 11. Peter Dinklage 12. Lucas Hedges 13. National Examiner 14. National Enquirer15. Media Opportunity (Dawn's Corner)16. Clive Owen17. Lupita Nyong'o 18. Thomas Holland 19. Mike Henry 20. Adriana Lima 21. Lesley Manville 22. Andy Serkis 23. Jim Sturgess 24. Ryan Seacrest 25. Katlyn Nacon 26. Robert Matthew Smith 27. Scott Grimes 28. Andrea Malecki 29. Guillermo del Toro 30. Carter Burwell31. Neal Scanlan 32. Michael Weber 33. Christopher Charles Corbould 34. Giveaway at It's A Glam Thing35. Giveaway at Daily Deals 36. Ariel Winter 37. Jane Fonda 38. Donald Sutherland 39. Jane Krakowski 40. Janelle Monae 41. Natalie Dormer 42. Sam Heughan 43. Morgan Freeman 44. Elvis Costello 45. Diana Krall 46. Dawn's Corner Arizona 47. Greta Gerwig 48. Gary Oldman 49. Viola Davis 50. Allison Janney ...