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We Support Any Community And Activist That Enhance Humanity and Global Peace

Humankind suffer tremendously but we are misled to forget the power from the within-the real UNCONSCIOUS MIND where the suffering does Not Exist. 

Besides serving several organizations as a member like Dr Angela Wilson serve member of UN Women Australia, UN Association Australia, Lion, WILPF..., Dr Angela Wilson offer unlimited support through her online platform-humanity & Peace Panel series.

         “We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll


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Transgender Freedom
Support Political Leaders

We Conflict At The Conscious Mind

Subconscious Mind-We Both In Pain-Let's Make Peace

Path To The Unconscious Mind -Peace Land

Economic War

The war starts from the survival mood that driven by the sense of uncertainty, insecurity and fear. It is controlled and driven by our reptilian brain. 

War & Soldier PTSD

Being a warrior of own mind and prevent being controlled by reptilian brain is the key of sustainable recovery ONCE AND FOR ALL. 

Terrorism & Hunger For Love

Driven by the default setup of reptilian brain we are not able to connect with the love in the REAL UNCONCIOUS MIND. When we attack, we live in the fear of being attacked back...

Slavery & Trafficking

The fear of being controlled can lead us to the miserable action of dominating others, that can trap our own mind live in the hell of fear...

Discrimination & Lack of Confidence 

The deep psychological reason behind is because of fear triggered by the reptilian brain. The perpetrators suffer from the within. Compassion can free victims and lead to liberty from the mental suffering.

Poverty Prevention

When Leaders work on get rid of the control of own reptilian brain, they start to have inner connection with those who suffer in own sphere of influence. Helping those who are in need can enhance leaders mental power of free themselves from the mental traps for tragic ending.


Stop Feeling As A Victim Taking Positive Action

Voluntary Work in Charity Restaurant

Consequence Of Revenge