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Sex Abuse & Rape & HIV Panel

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How To Participate:

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🩸Date and Time:
* 1:30 pm -Delhi-India -July 19
* 2 pm-Dhaka-Bangladesh -July 19
* 3 pm-Islamabad-Pakistan - July 19
* 4 pm-Kuala Lumpur -Malasia - July 19
* 4 pm-Manila - Philippines -July 19
*10 am-Johannesburg-South Africa-July 19
* 6 pm - Brisbane-Australia - July 19
💧1 am Los Angles time, USA - July 19

What are discussed and wait to start:

  • How to raise funds locally and Internationally
  • co-writing book: each one contribute 1000-3000 words
  • Free training and Certificates are provided by Mind Power Lady
  • Mind Power Lady will join local conference remotely and provide free coaching on the spot
  • Dr Angela Wilson will provide ongoing Mind Power Show support including when visiting local transgenders at the rural area. 
  • ...

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