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The common fatal mistake all successful individual achievers made like billionairespoliticians, Hollywood starsBollywood StarsNollywood stars,  celebrity champion, entrepreneursCEOs ect made is being trapped in own mind matrix®.

If you have read Napoleon Hill's book Outwitting The Devil, you may want to know how you can break the curse of the default tragic destiny. 

Obviously with the accurant thinking, the interviewee, i.e. the devil would not release his secret on how to let you escape the catch of his hand. To achieve that, he either created a lot of trapped in his answer or he left readers with a hope in myth of jungle. 

This is why Mind Power Lady-Dr Angela Wilson release the secret of essential mind power on path to liberty in  own mind matrix® as a matrix samurai. Her teaching focus on No.1 how To Secure Wealth & Success & Fulfilment Without Getting Lost. No. 2 How To Enjoy The Most What Life Can Give Without The Effort and Need Of Fighting The Matrix- the dimension which keeps the reality of human experience exist. 

Mind Power Lady can assist any busy aspiring achievers mastering the game of own mind matrix effortlessly and with fun through her standby 24hrs service on Demand.

                              Guest Speaker Online And Offline

                                                   Tailored Consultation

Mind Matrix® Consultant: Remote global service through Phone call and Video Conference that save your live, investment lose, check the reference of sample lists   (confidential agreement tailored on demand)

                                                  Tailored Coaching

Matrix Samurai® coaching: Remote global service through Phone call and Video Conference that save your live, investment lose, check the reference of sample lists  

1-On-1 on demand, 24/7 serving. It fits best for busy successful entrepreneurs, investors who want to master the game using the gaps between meetings, trips, appointments to avoid any setback and uncontrollable crises in life journey. 

(confidential agreement tailored on demand)

                                                          Tailored  Training

Mind Matrix® Training: Remote global service through Phone call and Video Conference that reduce dramatically your investment lose in business partnership, tailents with creativity and innovation mindset like Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, Fahim Saleh (confidential agreement tailored on demand)

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Interpersonal relationship is money only if you have the chance to take full use of it. 

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