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The Secret is revealed

Billionaire Safety Secret
Politician Safety Secret
Hollywood Star Safety Secret
Bollywood Star Safety Secret
Entrepreneur Safety Secret
Nollywood Star Safety Secret
Champion & Celeb Safety Secret
CEO Safety Secret
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                                         Mind Matrix® remote reading skill

It is a Matrix Samurai® skill that can read the dark and negative side of a human device multi-dimensional level for the safety of physical, emotional, and mental health, especially for the safety of investment of any kind.

When we are pursuing wealth & success & fulfilment, we want to take accurate thinking and chase the resource of  root cause and the truth behind the truth, the secret behind the secret. (  Testimonial & Achievers Resources )

The real power is the power of not fighting but embrace and convert the negative to positive and make it part of own.  This is when suffering doesn't exist.

Like Poking the onion, it takes effort to get the bud core. Our human body device is designed in a certain way, so most of us have to live the life chasing tails. It is a privilege for those who hold the key to the path to liberty

Although serving the matrix is our duty, we can still enjoy the abundance in secular life and bypass the traps. The matrix can not afford for everyone to know the secret in order to keep the low energy level coding needed on earth dimension.

Can you imagine what will happy with Apple company now if the investors know how to read the potential life risk in Steve jobs?

Can you imagine if Steve Bing , Paul Allen, could read the trends of own mind-shifting before too late? 

What if Fahim Saleh, Barry Sherman mastered how to read others accurately a long time before being murdered?

                                        Billionaire Safety Secret

Billionaires suffer like everyone else with an amplified scale.

It seems there is a common reason behind the suffering or tragic ending among V.G.Siddhartha India coffee King; Paul Allen; Adolf Merckle, German Billionaire; Kate Spade, Fashion Billionaire; Bernie Madoff, Investment criminal; Barry Sheman, Canadian murdered billionaire; Dmitry Bosov, Russian billionaire; Jay. Y. Lee, jailed South Korean billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, criminal on sex trafficking.

You may want to differentiate those criminals from those decent but unlucky entrepreneurs. 

Yes, every one of them has a unique personality and master of success mindset in their specialized field.
But the undeniable fact is that each of them is drafted to the same destiny, which is losing control of life, regardless of how good they are in dominating the own future.

The crucial truth is our minds are coded in a certain way with the default tragic ending using positive or negative bribe.
Sooner or later, we will feel weak in controlling fate unless we know how to break the code and restructure it.

                                        Politician Safety Secret

How likely do you see politicians have an appealing ending in the lifecycle? 
Don't get shocked with the answer you found from research.Park Geun-hye, South Korean president; Svein LudvigsenNorwegian ex-cabinet minister;Asif Ali Zardari,Pakistani President; etc. 
If you still wonder what is the similar cause behind all, easy! You are suggested of intensive reading at least three times Outwitting The Devil, by Napoleon Hill. 
For sure, watch the Hollywood movie, The Matrix, 1999 is essential too.
Once you master the message in both, you save your decades effort from wandering thoughts.
As someone who wants to take a political career, taking a proactive approach is key in selecting the riskiest professions besides more knowledge about Mind Matrix®.

                                        Hollywood Star Safety Secret

Hollywood movies attract the global market with its stories that trigger the emotion of the audience. Celebrities and stars always take our attention, good or bad.
Steve Bing, Lady GagaWhitney Houston,Stephanie Adams, Robert Williams, Naya Rivera, Gene Anthony Ray, Michael Jackson,Chadwick Boseman

Many entertaining professionals desire the ultimate success but fail to achieve and stay there as expected because of accumulated inner suffering, which is the default invisible set up in human body device. 
Our ambition is the resource to unlock the coding powered by dynamic daily performance if you know how to do it.
Otherwise, it will turn to against us by causing the unwanted consequence.

                                        Bollywood Star Safety Secret

Bollywood movie attracts big market with its unique flavor. 

The often asked question is how to speed up the process of success.
Many professional entertainers have no awareness with one fact, the loopholes in using the mind will end up eat us if we don't take a proactive attitude and ultimate solution once and for all.
Look at those stars who left a legacy with sorrow: Sridevi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Sushant Singh, Venu Madhav, Kushal Punjabi, Narendra Jha, Wajid Khan.
A comment like"too busy, no time" is the norm for aspiring achievers in any industry. The human device never stops the coding process that generates stress and the tension that fails us eventually.
It is time to take full use of the energy to weapon for high performance with consistency now.

                                        Nollywood Star Safety Secret

The Nollywood movie industry attracts attention with its potential.

You want to grow fast taking advantage of the industry but not lose like Rasheed Abu.

Mastering how our body and mind work is vital, the most complicated system that we rely on forever. 

                                       Olympic Champion & Celeb Safety Secret

Being an athlete is a challenging career, especially if aiming the title in the Olympic game.

It can cause potential paralysis like what happened with like Pete Reed, Triple Olympic rowing champion.

Olympic and Paralympic deaths are possible. Alex Pullin: Australian world-champion snowboarder

Some winners even may take their own lives like those who suicided like Samuel Wanjiru, Olympic gold medalist, a Kenyan marathoner, Kelly Catlin, Cycling world champion. Athletes Stephen Scherer, Jeret Peterson.

Mastery of special coding in the unconscious mind is vital to have double security. 

                                        Entrepreneur Safety Secret

Entrepreneurs are the main source of economic growth. Sadly, most of us accept a crucial fact-entrepreneurship stands for stuffing. It is understandable.

Even we seem very optimistic and head off to the next level of success, we can not control fate like Fahim Saleth

We don't need to pay that psychological price and by tackling it normally already late.

Actually, don't need to live with the painful and beautiful paradox between suffering and success at all, if we master our own mind matrix®.

                                        CEO Safety Secret

Steve Jobs, the Apple previous CEO, died of cancer due to a downfall in his fight against cancer, while Ranjan Das, the youngest CEO in India and extremely healthy a marathon runner, died of a massive heart attack. 

What is in common for both cases? Regardless of debates on the variety of methodology on health care and wellbeing, one thing is for sure both of them fail to know the secret power in the unconscious mind, the manipulator for all human suffering. 

It led misunderstanding for Steve Jobs in subjective favor of alternative treatments like acupuncture, dietary supplements, and juices." including fasting and Ranjan Das failed to sense the risky trends inside the body, which Bollywood star Narendra Jha faced.